10 Effective Study Ideas To Practice For An Examination In Nigerian Universities

November 19, 2021

Studying in a Nigerian University has and will always be one of the most hardest experience a student can face most especially with the unconducive educational environment a student might meet.

It has been calculated by some educational experts that 99.9% of student who undergo certain educational degree in a beautiful and well mannered environment ends up graduating with a good grade in his or her faculty.

However, despite the fact that most Nigerian Universities lacks such teaching equipment and criteria, they still try to be among one the best educational sector in Africa although “I’ll still pick a university in the United States over any African School🤪”. Don’t ask me why😤!

Some students most especially in Nigeria finds it difficult to take the right step in their academics and they end up being stranded with lots of carryovers in different courses which turns out to be a burden in their final year.

One of the reason for this article is to give such student facing similar problems an insight based on my experience which I faced on my first year in the University and that story would be told some other time but what kept me going in my accademics was this 10 effective study Ideas which I would be walking you through below.

Adequate Planning should be a student number one priority because it is not only effective when it comes to education but also this could take your life and career to the next level.

A student who takes time to map out his study weakness can certainly concentrate on building himself properly which could affect his accademic growth positively.

This is one of the most important tip to deploy as your effective study Idea but it has its added advantage if a person decides to boost his academic grades massively.

Firstly, one of the advantage is the fact that the morale of a good study partner could certainly boost the immune system of the other when it comes to studying for a course.

Secondly, you become a copycat in every area of your life which has its upside as well as it’s downside that is why it is advisable that a person should keep a good friend with a good heart.

For example, there is a 65% chance that a student can copy his or her friends positive and negative side which can influence his study plans positively or negatively so choose your friends wisely.

Another important study idea a student should imploy in his or her academics is to always attend classes no matter how boring that lecturer might sound.

There are chances that lecturers take attendance which could be of help to your continuos assessment so no matter the circumstance, try to be present in class.

One of the main challenges most students face on campus is the fact that they can’t lay their hands on the recommended textbook as well as the right handout for every respective course.

The only advise I can give you is to research from your course mate and get the important materials to study effectively and don’t forget to request for your lecture’s course syllabus otherwise known as course outlines.

To copycat also means following what your course mates are doing take for example if a lecturer gives an assignment to be submitted on Monday by 8:00am in the morning, use the weekend to interact with your course mates and also follow the required steps to achieve the same result.

Take Note: Copycating is very important on Campus due to the fact that a failure to one is a failure to all since they all got the same result on their assignment or respective taskes such as practicals and It’s certainly not possible for an entire department to fail because that lecturer would go on the hot seat of questioning with the Dean of the faculty and something must be done.

Similar to the first effective study idea, an adequate planning is very important and one habit a student must learn is to properly study weeks before any examination to be able to cover up his or her respective courses.

This kind of habit helps a lot because by the end of the day when the time for Examination comes a student who has prepared weeks before an exam ends up revising his or her books which leads to a better understanding of that particular course.

Good Sleep is very important for the health and it has been advised by medical practitioners that the human body must have rest for at least 6 hours before the brain starts to function properly.

So you know, adequate sleep is important for an effective study habit.

This particular topic is also very important to students because a good hygine makes the human body strong which fights a lot of bacterias that could cause sickness.

Good hygine also makes the mind strong alongside a good and calm sleep so students should take this into consideration.

You remember the saying “A hungry man is an Angry man😅”……

Apparently it is recommended medically that a human being should at least have three meals per day and also indulge in sporting activities to keep the brain and mind active.

But don’t forget, this is Nigeria whereby a wicked lecturer can set his class by 6:00am in the morning and expect his students to come with an empty stomach so, it is advisable that students who are trying to build themselves academically should try to have a meal at least two times a day.

Being positive is another added advantage for an effective study idea because it enlightens the human mind to overcome certain situation.

But this cannot work if you don’t take into consideration the previous study ideas listed above.

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