November 19, 2021

University is a completely different environment, you know for sure, and after you get accepted, it’s time to learn about the new environment. In the agency, the ultimate goal should be higher education. However, there are many distractions on campus, and in order to achieve the academic goals you want, you need self-discipline to stay focused. The fact is that I’m not trying to scare you. Many freshmen have become victims of those distractions on campus, but don’t be afraid. This article contains compiled some useful guides to help you through your school days.

Studies have shown that 25% of Nigerian students live on campus. This means that many students are under the pressure of traveling to and from different educational institutions every day. In addition, for most high school students who live outside school, life outside of school can also be dangerous. Degrees are usually taken off-campus.

Your preparation is very important in determining your school grades so therefore begin your study with immediate effect. As a freshman, one of the first places you may need to visit on campus is the library. The exams for the first semester have begun, don’t be caught unprepared.

Freshmen need to make conscious efforts to make new friends on campus and make the right decisions carefully. You need to find friends who have common interests. Those academic goals can motivate your friends to learn in essence you need to choose your friends wisely.

Take care of your bag. Students often have no money. As a freshman, you need to customize your clothes. The budget helps you check an estimate of how much you will spend in a given time period. It is not difficult to stick to your budget plan but to stop disrupting the bank only requires discipline.

In order to join politics and activism, universities provide you with fertile ground to realize your ambitions. However, you need to be careful when fighting for the rights of colleagues. You may have heard about the suspension or expulsion of student council members. Therefore, if you want to join the good students on campus, please make sure to do everything in accordance with the school’s rules and regulations.

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